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Constantly Remain Humble #06

Elevated_Self_Respect_6 Mohini_Didi June 6, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay everyone is well? These avyakti signals that we take as our homework everyday, it is like taking another step forward. We are maintaining awareness and then practice, pay attention, and you feel progress, improvement. Many of you have been writing about good experiences, there is a lot of change. I also find that getting homework everyday definitely helps us. The homework is for the mind, for the time, for the body, for everything. Discipline is important, and homework is like doing, taking care of the self properly. Otherwise we listen to Murli in the morning and then get busy with karma yoga and service. If there is homework, then we have attention, and we want to check and change also. At least I find it very good. Especially in the evening, we listen to Baba, and Baba’s directions help us to do good Amritvela in the morning. Also the whole day we are in remembrance of Baba, all relationships with Baba, everything is experienced. So for tomorrow, Baba is giving us homework to maintain self-respect in thoughts, words, and actions. Then you never feel rejected or isolated or not included. Many subtle feelings that emerge from time-to-time are because of a lack of self-respect. When there is self-respect in the mind, then you don’t think negatively for yourself. Whatever are the situations, and whatever are the karmic accounts within the souls, why should there be waste thoughts, waste thoughts about the image of the self? Whatever efforts we make, the directions we follow properly, follow Shrimat accurately then definitely there is a lot of self-respect. If there is a lack of self respect, we speak that way also. Internally we desire to get respect, and externally we kind of making ourselves feel as if I am not worthy. That’s your thinking for yourself.

Some say that others think this about me, but it doesn't matter. Whatever others think, they have freedom, they can say what they want, they can see us the way they want, but I should remain stable in self-respect. Baba’s drishti on me, Baba’s blessings for me, what Baba says for me is more important than what others think of me. Once Baba had said in a blessing that the more you come closer to your stage of perfection, the more you will feel the love of everyone. So one is receiving love, feelings of being loved, the other is the desire to be loved. There is a vast difference. It is the same as in action. Trust and self-confidence naturally comes when there is self-respect. To maintain self-respect in thoughts, words, and actions is the first aspect. Now, how can you maintain that self respect all the time? When you constantly follow Baba’s directions all the time, it’s this Shrimat that helps you to become elevated. However, if I keep following the dictates of my own mind, or the opinions of others, and not follow Baba’s Shrimat accurately, then there cannot be self-respect. Self-respect here is becoming the master. Like Baba is the Ocean of Love, then I am master ocean of love. If Baba is the Ocean of Peace then I am also the same. So, becoming the master is only possible if I follow Baba’s directions, Shrimat, properly.

The third important aspect is that Baba is saying to give respect to everyone, whatever anyone is. To make that soul aware that you are not worthy, you are not following, that’s not my job. Give respect so that the soul can experience self-respect. There are many souls since childhood, they go through different relationships, different experiences in different contexts. So, there is always a little confusion. Now we belong to Baba and have all relationships with Baba. So one of the important lessons is to give respect to everyone. It is very simple, but also could be very difficult. Sometimes if we are holding anything, any impressions towards anyone, then words could be said that will not help the other souls. So it makes it kind of a habit that I have to be respectful to everyone. Baba is saying that those who have such a nature of bestowing, the souls are not worthy of respect, but you give, you have to be a bestower. Like we used to look at Dadi Prakashmani who always had love and respect for everyone. So everyone feels good in front of her. That will keep you always very humble, but never keep the desire to have respect, because if you have desire you will not get it. Give respect and you will get respect. Baba is saying it’s like an eternal law. When we understand the eternal law is to give and then take. That’s the eternal law, the more you give the more you get. It is not artificial, external, but it is to help that soul. When you give respect, the self-respect of that soul will emerge, and self-respect definitely is very helpful. So these are three aspects we should reflect on, and think about this homework.

Om Shanti


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