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Consider Yourself To Be A Soul, A Being of Light #3

Becoming_an_Avyakt_Angel_3 Mohini_Didi April 3, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone !

Before we inculcate anything, a lot of reflections and churning happens. Baba asks us to be angels. Are you already one or are you becoming one? We listen carefully to so many points Baba shared with us about being an angel such as belonging to everyone, being a body of light, detached, a messenger. If we have all those points in the intellect then our stage is according to that also. Many times during the day practice your eternal and original stage, that means you are creating that form. It's not a body of light actually. It's like in the golden age or at the confluence, they show a beautiful crown of light. There is nothing like a crown of light but, because of your purity, being beyond body consciousness and having the awareness that I am a being of light, then automatically the being of light spreads rays all over which creates the image of light. I remember when we used to meet Dadi Gulzaar, we could feel her lightness. We could feel how far beyond she was, it's like she was untouched. There's so many things which are happening in the physical world even if angels have to listen to everything, it doesn't affect them. They are in a high stage and beyond. Does our thinking go on with any situation or do we just remain a detached observer? Each one of us has to understand where I get stuck. Body consciousness just emerges because in body consciousness you are touched by so many things. Then our attitude is very limited, but if we remain above and unlimited, we will not be touched by anything.

Many times in the murli, Baba says angels feet don't touch the ground. What ‘not touching the ground’ means is the intellect. Different scenes of drama, situations, games of sanskars happen that shouldn't touch the foot of your intellect, your intellect has to remain above. Do everything here, but intellect is above. Then we will be touched by Baba. Then you will receive, feel and experience or in other words you will be listening to Baba. Baba’s murli points will emerge. Baba's definition about angels will emerge. Otherwise our intellect is busy with what's happening all the time. That's the physical world, so whatever is happening is accurate. It's drama, beyond and above. Baba gives an example, if you see anything from a height, it looks very small, but also finally disappears. If you see from the same level, then you make it a big thing. Then it affects you and your stage goes down, completely flat. There are so many big things that can happen, karmic accounts through mind, through body, or relationships. The habit of not getting affected, going beyond, seeing beyond and being unlimited requires practice. When there is the attainment of lightness then that attainment pulls us and we are more attracted to remain in that stage.

If we want to experience being of light and lightness we have to implement whatever Baba says. If we take one step, we become that, we experience that. If you are at the same step again, how will you ascend? Climb higher, go beyond. That is why these avyakt signals are our homework and homework is our practice. With any practice, there is such great joy and contentment. Are we doing what Baba is asking us? Otherwise you keep feeling, I'm not doing what Baba is saying. This kind of feeling it's like a student, when I finish my homework, I am carefree. Then when I go in front of the teacher I am happy because I have done my homework. A good child is one who follows the teachings and the practical life, is a good student who studies properly, regularly and does the homework. The Satguru is the One we follow all the time. What would Baba do? Then there can be transformation. Whatever we are able to do, it will inspire others also.

Every human being is sensitive to feelings and experience. We have to have that stage, so that others can experience it. This is quite a help or cooperation, to finish off the past very quickly. How will it help us if we think about the past? It only makes us heavy. We want to be light, so that's why Baba says use a point as a full stop. Then use a point to be in your eternal stage. Stopping is not enough, but continue on the journey. This eternal stage and experiencing the original one, you should feel its emerging.

Baba wanted to see our faces as an angel yesterday. In the morning hours at least you can feel that even if it's one hour, one and half hours in the morning. You can do it from 2:30-4:00 or you can do it from 3:00-4:00. Once you practice, become an embodiment and see all this is a very subtle effort, incognito. It was visible in Brahma Baba's life that he would do the same things: go for a walk in the morning, be with children, go to the kitchen, and walk around. Every time we saw him, we could see that he was very beyond. He's seeing everything, but he's only seeing what he needs to see. We have to look internally at our attitude, our drishti, our thoughts for others and not criticize anyone's part. They're playing their part, saying things about others and creating karmic accounts also. We should just let everyone be what they are. I play my part, they play their part. Have determination, a firm thought to keep the aim at confluence age. I need to be an angel with the body of light.

Om Shanti

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