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Conclusion and Experiences #31

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_31         Mohini_Didi        March 31, 2024

Om Shanti! 

For the month of March we had been practising what Baba had been asking us to do; to be a carefree emperor of the land free from sorrow. Whenever we have something in mind and we practise that, we definitely feel better. If we have any concerns or any worry, very subtly inside, then what happens? We are not able to be in that stage, but I must say that it makes a lot of difference when we are about to worry or be concerned or sad about something, suddenly thought comes about what I have to be. Then transformation happens and that transformation becomes part of the self. So my conclusion is that definitely this whole month, if there were circumstances or situations which could cause worry, but as soon as it starts then we are able to change it. Then something which used to last for about 10 minutes, could last for just maybe a few seconds, and this is where the transformation of sanskars begins. So I would say that overall, the whole month was a good month for practice and also a good month for experiences. I'm sure that some part of that has become the nature, the sanskar within the soul, and that could be the achievement. So now we will see what we’re doing for the month of April.

Om Shanti 


Om Shanti!

A lot of excitement and also determination that we will understand what Baba wants us to do. I think that everyone loves to harmonise their steps, we call it ‘Ras’. It's not just the dance but it's harmonising the footsteps. It's very interesting that dance could be very fast and very powerful, but the Ras is something very gentle, very sweet. We look at the steps of others and try to adjust and follow. So it's a very interesting topic and of course for the month of April, half of the year is almost gone. We are going to practise this, it is the ‘power to adjust’. “Sweet children, BapDada now wants to see the great dance of harmonising sanskars. For this, first of all adjust yourself and have determination to harmonise your sanskars with those of others. The power to adjust will enable you to harmonise the sanskars.” We know that first we have to understand each other's sanskars, and then try to harmonise. We know that sanskar but still we keep reacting to it, then there is anger, argument, lack of love and respect for each other. So I think knowing that everyone is different, everyone has their own specialties and limits also. So how do we know each other’s sanskars and then adjust? The power of adjustment is a very important power. In the beginning it looks difficult, but again as I said, we understand why this person is behaving, responding, or interacting in this particular way. Everyone has gone through different circumstances, situations, and based on that, sanskars and nature is created, but we shouldn't look at all that. We should try to adjust and harmonise sanskars, or in other words, follow the footsteps and do the Ras of adjusting the sanskars.

Om Shanti 


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