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Conclusion and Experiences #31

Volcanic_Yoga_31 Mohini Didi August 31, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone! Baba is asking everyone to be happy, to have contentment, to constantly sing the song of praise of Baba. I know when Baba said this, I was remembering the Dadis when I first met them in Delhi in 1952. Of course they had nothing in the sense of they had no money, but they were so joyful, so loving, so pure, so divine, and there was so much attraction in that. So, Baba wants for all of us, that towards the end of the Confluence Age, just be very happy, have all the attainments you have, and that will do a lot of service. So, it was beautiful also, at least I got the signal to follow the father, and move towards the angelic stage. As much as we have the angelic stage, that much service will be done. Today is the last day of the month. I thought it was very powerful, volcanic yoga. How much yoga is connected with our dharna? The main obstacles are our wasteful thoughts, thinking about something over and over, looking at someone’s weakness, or our own personal shortcomings. All that has a connection with remembrance and yoga. So, it’s not only that we have to pay attention to yoga, but before yoga comes knowledge. Then when there is yoga, there is dharna, and then service happens. These days everyone has a lot to do, but while doing it, we maintain the awareness, even simple awareness, Baba’s child so master, Baba’s instrument. Some awareness should be there so that there are other sanskars that emerge from time to time, they don’t have a possibility. Many kinds of thoughts emerge, they are really very deep rooted sanskars. So, we take care of ourselves by paying attention, not being careless. I would say that it was very beneficial, every day at least I was looking forward to homework, because it is very important to do homework, even whatever percentage we could do. If we are busy, then we need more, because when you are busy, there would be heaviness, anxiety, concerns. While doing actions, to have awareness is very important.

So, I would say there were wonderful points. They were all the points from Avyakt murlis, but each point was everyday very powerful, very different, unique. Actually, in a way, we also get to revise all the murlis because they were from different murlis. So, I must say that there was really beautiful experience. Early morning amritvela was also very powerful. You all must have also had great experiences. A few times a day just going deep into the silence, and I could just see the flame, and in that, so many things are being burnt. So, it was a good month with many experiences of volcanic yoga. Baba keeps saying ‘volcanic remembrance’, we remember Baba, but ignite it more. Then the atmosphere, the vibrations, wherever we are sitting, doing anything, the vibrations should be very powerful, very light, so that everyone is light. When people are light and happy, they can do more. No tension, no anxiety, very natural. So, it was very beautiful.

Om Shanti

Embodiment of Solutions

Om Shanti!

We are looking forward even if there are no problems, there are new situations, but how do we find the solutions? So, some of the personal changes, dharnas, definitely help us to find solutions. When you separate yourself from the reasons, then you can show souls the path to nirvana, or in other words, liberation, nivaran and nirvana, nirvandham, very beautiful. So, we will pay attention this month to see that we do not give any excuse, any reasons, always find solutions or ability to do. There can always be some reasons, some excuses, but those who are focused, those who are committed, there is no problem, no excuse, no reason not to get everything accomplished. Some of the aspects that are very important to bring the solutions, and I like the word ‘image of solutions’. Lot of wise people, others will go to them for solutions. So, Baba is saying some of the things of the past have to be changed. Like using old language, saying some things in a way that is not very comforting, not very pleasant. If I change then others will also change. So, Baba is saying that BapDada’s only desire is that reasons should now finish, like ‘I could not do it’, ‘it was not possible’. Only solutions should be visible. Problems should finish, and things continue to be resolved. So do not speak of any excuses in terms of weaknesses, but find solutions. Now transform the old language and old ways, language of carelessness, language of bitterness, and become an embodiment of solutions. So, what could be the reason or the cause of the problem? We need to pay attention to the causes, not reasons, but causes. Why did this situation arise? Some incidents happen because of carelessness, others could be some kind of bitterness. Sometimes we hold some past experiences with some individuals and that bitterness is shown in our language or behavior. So, Baba says that if we pay attention to some of these things, there won’t be problems. We have to become free from problems. It’s not that when a problem comes I solve it, but I pay attention so that there are no problems, no obstacles, no waste of time. So, our homework is to transform old language and old ways.

Om Shanti

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