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Conclusion and Experiences #30

Elevated_Self_Respect_30 Mohini_Didi June 30, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

I feel whatever signals we get they all are very timely, because if you are able to inculcate them, they are most needed at this time. This last month the avyakti signal which was given to us was for maintaining self respect and respecting others. People go for their eye surgeries which clears everything, so as much one is in elevated self respect then their vision changes towards everyone. You might not notice much change, but there is change. We look at everyone in their deity form, in their perfect stage, powerful deity soul, so vision has changed. It may be not all time, but I find that internally there is more respect now for everyone and I’m not getting lost in their nature or sanskars, which are there but I don’t see all that. What I see is their specialties, what part they have to play and also how everyone is making effort in their own way.

My feeling is that it was very useful and very practical because whatever I give, I sow the seed in others. I also receive, because the way you look at someone, the way you talk to someone, you are giving a gift to that person. Always think that I have to give a gift which is beautifully, properly wrapped. In the same way, through our thoughts, whatever I have to say, I should try to say the right encouraging words. Words which can increase enthusiasm, not words which suppress anyone. Sometimes one’s qualities are very subtle so we don’t realize them. You are becoming elevated and your respect is increasing because everyone will start seeing you that way if your words are fully wrapped and decorated properly. Elevated self respect really means making everyone else elevated, making them feel elevated. Not that they are worthless or make mistakes and you don’t have patience. Just see what they have, respect them for that so that they can increase their capacities and specialties. Even in the lokik world, some say they don’t want to praise anyone. It’s not praise, it’s service, it’s help, cooperation and respecting the person. I know that in their lives those words and moments become like memorials. Someone may mention that so many years ago when you said this, it really stayed with me. I think a lot of learning and cooperation is a great help and also a blessing in a way by giving respect to them. I think we did it and it definitely benefited. There were a lot of experiences and many opportunities to help souls to increase their self respect. No one should be in low self respect as much as we help them. That help you can only give by giving them respect. I always say how much Baba from Madhuban keeps sustaining us so we should also take it properly and practice.

Om Shanti.

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