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Concentration of the Mind #1

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_1 Mohini_Didi April 1, 2023

Om Shanti!

Doing well? Ok, that’s good. In India, a big thing is happening. It's the annual meeting of all the centers of India, and of course there are some from abroad also. They are discussing what they did in one year and what are our plans for the coming year. Service has expanded a lot, and because of that, there has been a lot of cooperation from the government. There is a lot of cooperation from a lot of people, because when people experience benefits, they like to do something. They had been serving all different professionals, starting some projects, and celebrating UN days. So a lot will be happening for these few days.

Baba makes everything easy and simple for us. Baba says that with the power of concentration, you should be able to put full stop. Full stop is just a point, but also to move forward, we use the point of knowledge, churn on points of knowledge, and also Baba as point, Baba as your Companion. So, it is the three dots, full stop, Baba as point of light and point of knowledge. It becomes easy to inculcate knowledge when you are in the point form. So, the homework that Baba has given us is that we should be detached and lovely in our attitude, our vision, and our actions. You should experience yourself to be detached. We are using Murli, we have to do everything, but still maintain the stage of soul consciousness. There should be the stage of soul consciousness, so that you can feel that you are completely detached, and make others also detached. Bring your stage of an angel and do the actions. It’s very interesting that in the subtle regions, Brahma Baba is there as an angel. So, to have a companion as an angel, you have angelic Brahma Baba. You have to adopt an angelic form, and for that, it is Important to pay attention, to have concentration. That means that whatever you are doing, you should be detached, because when you are detached, you are an observer. When you are detached, you are not affected by the changing scenes of Drama. Drama and the scenes change, and every actor has to play their own part. Brahma Baba was very accurate and a good example for all of us. He looked at everyone, he knew everyone’s part, he was actually the main actor, but very lovely, and very detached. One of the main qualities one can experience and make others experience is being lovely. When we are not detached then we have bitterness, subtle anger, frustration, and a lot of feelings. As a detached observer, you are lovely. Baba will be telling in the Murli also that when you are detached, then your stage is of soul consciousness. I like this thought very much, that Baba in the angelic form is our companion. There is something that is very subtle, the attitude you cannot see, but you can feel it, you can feel it through drishti, you can feel it through actions. Baba wants us to pay attention, have concentration so that our attitude is very pure. Soul conscious attitude, so attitude is visible, even if it is invisible.

So, it is very interesting when Baba says to be angelic also is to have concentration of mind. You’re very focused on what you have to do, you are focused on playing your own part properly. Sometimes we confuse ourselves and forget what part I have to play, because I’m looking at what part others are playing. That is where we need to be detached and observe, and then be lovely. Brahma Baba and even Dadis were very detached, they were very loving, but internally, they were detached. As you all know, when Brahma Baba had to say goodbye to us, he used to come to the back of the Pandav Bhavan. There was a big tree there, and he would stand under the tree and wave to us with his handkerchief. Some would say, “Baba, don’t forget.” That is where Baba always said, “I won’t remember, nor will I forget, I have to remember Shiv Baba. How can I remember you?” So, these are the lessons we can learn. Someone recently asked a question, what was my experience when I heard about Brahma Baba becoming avyakt? At that time we did not have the word avyakt, angelic. We had this concept of perfection, but not angelic. It is only after, when BapDada started coming in Dadi Gulzar, that the words avyakt and angelic were first heard. So after that, everyone starts thinking, avyakt means that when you are not in the body, you are in your angelic form.

So, all of us have to be in our angelic form, because if you are not detached, you cannot fly. Something or other will hold you down in body consciousness. Then there is peacelessness, lack of powers. Baba is saying that time is such that we should pay attention, we should become like angels. We have angels from all over the world in the hall setting. So, there must be some deep connection all the time between us in the corporeal form, and in the subtle regions with Brahma Baba. There must be a connection even now. That is why Murli is like that. Even the welcome Baba is giving to all the souls is also like that. I am sure that each one of us has the aim to be like Father, like Angels. We are on a journey with Baba. If I don’t become like Baba, whom will I follow? Who is the giving of fortune who will give us inheritance? I have to become Baba's heir, a quality soul. So, remember these two words, ‘detached and lovely’, because it has to be very natural. Detached does not mean that you’re not interested, or that you do not care. Detach from bodily feelings bodily sensitivity. Real detachment is soul consciousness. So today, you pay attention, practice soul consciousness, and experience yourself to be very lovely.

Om Shanti.


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