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Close to Perfection #2

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_2 Mohini_Didi April 2, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Baba decorates us in the subtle region, he looks at us, and not only provides us with the costume of an angel, but also puts a tilak, gives us a beautiful crown, and makes us sit on the throne. It is such a beautiful experience, such a beautiful feeling that Baba gives us, and I think we should take that right, take that experience, and as Baba said, we also have to become that. We know the tilak is of awareness, the crown is of light, and the throne is of authority. So, we use all these, not only wear them, not only as decoration or claiming our right, but we also become that. So, this month, because of the closeness of time, our aim is to become perfect, become an angel. So, we use Avyakti Signals for daily practice, but we also use this decoration every morning or whenever during the day also. It doesn't take long to use a tilak, but it does require some practice, because it should be exactly in the centre of the forehead. Those who have practiced do it in a second. Baba says, “I put the tilak on the forehead of the children.” That could be of awareness, that could be a fortune, the tilak could be of victory. It could be any tilak, and then there is a crown, which is of light. A crown of light that is of course purity, but also lightness while fulfilling our responsibilities, carrying out our task.

The throne is also something very important because your authority, your powers, only emerge when you are on the throne. Even a king, when he walks around to look at his subjects, if he is walking around on the streets, I don't think he could use his rights. He has to go back to the palace, be on his throne, then he can give whatever instructions he has to give. I think we have to remind ourselves that it is important to put on the tilak. It does get erased sometimes by Maya, or we forget to put it. Make a practice and then look at that in the mirror to see, is it perfect? So, perfection is not something that we will achieve in the end, but even now, when we have to put a tilak, it has to be perfect. Perfection becomes a nature, perfection is a habit, perfection is a practice, perfection is a stage. So, why don't we start with perfection as a tilak? We can do that, and I'm sure you have a tilak of some kind. Whether it is sandalwood paste, or it could be ready made. These days there are beautiful tilaks here. I have been getting a tilak at least two to three times per day. Anywhere we go, they put tilak, anywhere we go for an opening, they put tilak. So, practise putting a tilak. If there is not enough practice, your tilak will not be accurate, the location, the form. So, whenever I am practicing to put a tilak, as Baba had been saying, you need the power of concentration of the mind. Baba said that even while writing a point, sometimes it becomes a question mark or some other sign. Very few have good practice and are able to put a dot without any corners.

So, Baba's decoration for us as a gift is to become an angel, and we will use it the whole month. In the morning, we will decorate ourselves with all these three and as Baba said, we experience not only your internal form but also your future, your aspiration, and your form of the beginning . That means emerging deity from an angel. I think it's a good practice to experiment with it . Baba is saying in Avyakti signal that to become an angel while in this bod y you have to have the form of an angel, that is form of a light . So, that's another practice . I need to use the form of light. In other words, your intellect should remain above. So, Baba is saying, it should be so easy to change the costume, as you do in a physical way. How quickly you have one new dress, you take off the old one, and then put on the new one. So, Baba was saying that actually , it should be very easy for you to wear the costume of light and shed off the costume of the body . So, Baba says that when you really feel you can do that whenever you want, that means you are close to perfection . This form of effort-making that is of the Confluence Age should be merged completely. Baba had been talking a lot about the stage of being merged. Not only loveful, but you have to merge. Merge in the ocean of love. Merge in the ocean of peace. Merge in the ocean of knowledge . Baba is saying that one is to be aware, second is to be an embodiment. Finally, why am I becoming an embodiment? So that I can merge. So, it is easy to merge in the ocean. What does it take? Some people can't . There is a lot of fear of the water. Many have fear of losing self-identity , of losing self personality . We don't have any fear of getting lost. It is good to get lost .Not lost in confusion, or lost in any issue or conflict. No. Merging and lbeing lost here is more. Of course your identity physically is lost , but Baba is saying that your future deity identity should emerge.

You know many times Baba gives the example that there are some llakes , they say you enter and you come out as a beautiful fairy. So. S, when we merge just imagining it for five or ten minutes in the Ocean of Love, when you are merged you will be the embodiment of love. You will find yourself completely , what we call it as soaked fully, soaked into the Ocean of Love. You come out loveful, detached and loveful. So I think that even these words we hear very often , merge and emerge but you could really experience that, relate to these words, only if you have experience . So what we should do these days, spend some time in decoration , you spend some time in the stage of being merged , sometimes looking at your future form. So these are the aspects that we need to practise. We need to experience them and become that. So. I think Baba is giving us good practices, homework, and He wants us to become perfect . Then Baba is giving a signal that time is close. You can easily become perfect but also when time is close, you have to rush, you have to be fast. You have to do it quickly. It is there , you have to just get your costume, and change it from body consciousness to an Angelic stage. It is very beautiful, isn't it ? We have to become this, and then finally it will be a family of angels.

Om Shanti

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