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Children of the Ocean of Forgiveness #4

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_4 Mohini Didi May 4, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! Satguru Baba. It’s a very good relationship between Guru and follower. Many tell me that I can relate to the relationship of Father and Teacher, but not Guru. Guru and follower is a very close relationship because Guru takes the responsibility that I have to teach the follower, and follower also feels that I have to follow the Guru properly. I have experience of Gurus because when I was young, at our home, my grandparents would invite different Gurus from time to time. Not only that, but they would take us to Haridwar, different ashrams, and to different Gurus. I could relate to some, but not to everyone. One Guru in Delhi used to give very good talks. He was from Vivekananda ashram and was very known for his talks, so I used to listen to him. The part of Guru teaching is very good, but not when you have to touch the feet and wash the feet and drink the water and all that, which I could never do.

One of the meanings of forgiveness is living for giving. If you are living for giving then you can’t feel bad about anything. Whatever is lacking in any person, I need to share, I need to give. In a lokik way also, if we look at someone, doesn’t have enough food or doesn’t have enough clothing, what do we do? We give. We don’t just notice and keep talking about it. When you see what a soul needs, just give. Giving is not necessarily teaching through words, it could be through our good feelings, good vibrations, and our very pleasant smile. A smile is also good communication and acknowledgement. I remember that when we used to say, “Om Shanti”, we prepare ourselves, just smile, be in Baba’s remembrance, then say, “Om Shanti”. I am a peaceful soul, deep within, I am a peaceful soul, and from there the vibrations of peaceful soul will help the soul. Our homework is to give by having elevated thoughts through our attitude and vibrations. Teaching is not the only way to give. Be a good example. If a situation comes up, what did you do? What was your stage at that time? Did you blame the situation? Did you talk about situations, or did you use a good method, the right method and resolve the situation in a proper way? Baba says that whenever anyone makes a mistake, we should never get upset, because at that time, the soul is under some influence. Many times, we have seen someone do something, even if it is not right, but you have seen that, and you never know one day you could start doing that. You may have heard some words, somebody spoke, even if you didn’t like it, but you heard, and you didn’t take care of that, so you start saying the same words. So, very subtly, I think the soul is very sensitive, has all the powers, and one of the powers is to absorb everything.

That is why it is very important for us to pay attention to two words, attention and practice. If I have attention and I practice, and then if I sorted with my own self whatever I needed as a soul, then others will have some good experience when they come in front of me. One experience is love. Everyone should feel love. Love could solve the problems or difficulties that the soul is facing, because in love there is so much mercy, there is so much feeling of helping. They should also feel cooperation. I am not looking at anyone’s mistake, I am not looking at the weaknesses of that soul. One of our foremost duties is to encourage everyone, give them courage. We can do it, we can manage it, it’s possible, nothing is difficult, it's easy. One brother comes from Madhuban. He helps in the Peace Village kitchen, and every time I tell him, “It’s so much to cook.” He says that it’s easy. Every time he just says, “It's easy.” So, when he says it, you feel good that we're not giving too much work. He very lovingly makes a very big quantity of food for the big retreats. So, when he says that it’s easy, the others feel courage. So, how do I create a kind of atmosphere where everyone feels more courage, but also increases the percentage of enthusiasm? When enthusiasm goes down, then everything looks not only difficult, but a lot of subtle questions arise. When there is enthusiasm, we just fly. When we are flying, we don't see little things. Baba keeps saying, ‘flying stage.’ Otherwise, the whole day, there's so many scenes of Drama. Just imagine, every minute my act, someone's acts, another scene of Drama, a lot of scenes. A lot of things keep happening around us. What do I see, what do I take? It's up to us. You might have to not see many things, otherwise they get accumulated also.

So, I really like when Baba said, “Just pay attention and keep busy in your practice.” That is why we take homework for the day, and I will be practicing this. Actually, it's really with me, I'm finding that it's so important to have this Avyakti signal and homework, otherwise intellect gets so much full with actions, actions of others, sanskars and sanskars of others. We know that they are there, it’s everyone's part, it's all Drama. So, remind yourself, I have to live for giving, and that is forgiving.

Om Shanti


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