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Be A Checker And Also A Maker #4

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_4 Mohini_Didi March 4, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, well, okay? That's wonderful! It seems like everyone should join Avyakti Parivar to be okay, right? The Confluence Age is the auspicious age where you get the multiple return of everything. It is the age where it is one to ten, whether it is income or it is Baba's help. Baba says one step of courage and Baba will come forward ten steps or even more. So, it's a very auspicious age, where Baba says that you can earn a lot of income with every thought . You can also lose a lot of income too. So, you can multiply, but you can also waste it, or lose it. One of the best methods, Baba said that you have to churn knowledge, and whenever you find there are any other thoughts, change them and think about what Baba said this morning, one of the points, and go into the depth of that. Secondly, it could be that you can go into the stage of soul consciousness. It's a very beautiful feeling, immediately waste can change into a very good income. Thirdly, we also remember Baba. Instead, there are some souls who are not able to sleep well. They could help themselves; one is through thinking of yourself as a bodiless being, as a soul, and the other is also remembrance, deep remembrance of Baba. So, even if physically, maybe you haven't been able to sleep for many hours, but at least because you spend the time in remembrance of Baba, it was easy to feel that you earned income and you don't feel restless. So, I am saying that also based on what I do and what I am able to experience, I never feel like, “Oh, I haven't slept enough.” Sometimes it does happen that we feel a call, and there could be two reasons..One is, as Baba said, that devotees are calling you, so give sakaash at that time, instead of thinking, “Oh, I am not able to sleep, I did not have enough sleep.” That is waste, right? Waste of thoughts and waste of time, and of course, waste of breath. They all are very connected and in one second, your breath, your time, is gone.

So, we have to be very attentive, as Baba said, check and checker, check and then change. Not only keep checking, but making the best. How to be a checker and change it immediately? If you keep checking and don't change, you can be very concerned, you can be very worried. “Oh, I'm not doing enough, I am not earning enough income.” If you also change and make it best, you won't have any kind of concern or worry. So, for your saving scheme, save your thoughts, save your words, and also time, the energy of time. All three are very important. It's very interesting, in this Murli it is also about becoming a point. Now the point or zero, which we call it, could be when we say “Drama”, we say, “Full stop, it happened.” Why does one keep thinking about it? Also, if you have to multiply for 100 to 1000 you only add a 0. So one time, Baba said to keep adding so from 1000 to 10,000, income also, accumulation also happens with the dot, with zero, or a point. So, Baba says, become a point, apply a point, and thirdly, use a point to earn an income. It depends on where you use a point, before zero, or after. Before one could be good for not wasting time and just reminding yourself this is all Drama. That is called not wasting, but to accumulate, one must also to use the point. So Baba says to become zero, that is soul consciousness, that is our bodiless stage.

So, we are accumulating thoughts, words, and actions. Baba is saying that accumulation of time energy of time and then accumulation further is of your powers. Sometimes we use power where it is not necessary. So, how to use power where it is useful, and so we can also save and multiply? It’s very beautiful, the whole thing of saving. In the lokik way, people who want to save and not overspend are very attentive. Wherever they find they could save 10 rupees, 20 rupees, they will save it. If they don't pay attention, then of course, they will keep losing it. So, Baba has reminded us of the wealth of thoughts, words, and actions, time, powers. These treasures have to be accumulated, and should not be wasted. So, all of us will be checkers and also makers. Not to waste, but also you have to make something important, like your thoughts. One is not wasting, and the other is to use the thoughts, do something auspicious, something generous, something big. After that, you are becoming makers, you just keep saving, and keep accumulating.

We are in Shantivan. As you all know, it's becoming quieter, still there are about 10,000 people and they are thinking of celebrating Holi, burning the Holi, playing with the colors. Also in booking Dadi Manmohini, Dadi gulzar, it's so beautiful here to go around the memorial. I think you all must have seen the video, but we will show you. It is very powerful, in the sense that you could immediately feel that it is very alokik, very spiritual, very powerful, and you just love to sit there for a very long time. So, you all can also come in angelic way.

Om Shanti

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