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As soon as you finish your actions, become detached #01

Liberation_ in_ life_1 Mohini_Didi December 01, 2023

Om Shanti!

One of the bondages of karma is with the body. I was thinking that as students, especially for our studies, there is studying, reading, listening and then practicing. I hear a lot of souls tell me they have some class, some programs on the whole day, on Zoom or YouTube. They listen to a lot of classes, but actually what we need more is practice. As much as we practice, that much we will understand, even the concepts. Pay attention to how to practice more.

Many even ask questions of the bodiless stage. Now Baba is giving such a simple thing, be detached from action. Instead of detached from the body, you are detached from the action. Sometimes we do action and after action we keep thinking, whether it was right or not. This is where we use knowledge, it is accurate, drama is beneficial. Put all the positive energy of what you have already done instead of questioning yourself, situations or anyone else. It’s very interesting that when you detach from action, then mind is very clear. When your mind is clear, then whatever you will think for another action will be of high quality. I want to practice the whole day tomorrow and see what Baba means. Baba is saying in life, the main bondage is with the body and body means action. Right now we are not doing body conscious actions, all our actions are soul conscious. It’s very interesting if you listen carefully. As soon as you finish your action become detached. Detach from what? Action or body? Before we concentrated on the body, but now I will say from action. It is the body that ties everyone in bondage the most. In order to become free from this bondage, enter the body with awareness of your duty and as soon as you finish your actions become detached.

We all have to perform duties. Baba says those who are free from the bondage of their body are also yogyukt, because the stage of yoga is to be detached from the body. Baba says that to the extent that you are yogyukt you are liberated in life. It’s three steps, you are detached from the body, so you have good yoga and when you have good yoga you have freedom, liberation in life. The clarity which I got, which I will include in my practice, is that I have to be detached from my action and this way I am automatically detached from my body. When I am detached from the body, my yoga is yogyukt, I am in yoga with Baba. It’s true because my interest, my planning, everything is connected with actions, how much I am involved. Concentration is one thing, but we get very involved, so I have to be detached from the body. Coughing is action, which one doesn’t decide to do but, I hope you are not disturbed. What I do, whenever the speaker doesn’t speak or mike doesn’t work, I take those few moments to practice. We should do that also when I am saying it, when I couldn’t talk. How many of you think, you have good practice to be detached from action? Not forget fullness or keep something somewhere, no, that’s not detachment. My thoughts should be chasing actions, thinking I could have really done better, it could have been so good, why I didn’t get enough success, why my name was not mentioned? Hundreds of thoughts are connected with actions, but Baba says you did action, now just be detached. I think it’s such a beautiful experience so we will do that for the whole day and see what the experiences are.

Om Shanti


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