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Always complete #11

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_11 Mohini_Didi March 11, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

We had a beautiful day. Early this morning, after Murli, we went to Avyakti dham, very very beautiful feeling, celebrated for few minutes Dadi's day by putting garland around her. It was beautifully decorated with all the fresh flowers. After that, we went to Dadi's room, we sat in meditation for a while, and after that, everyone was given a mango, toli, and a packet of nuts. After receiving all that, we all went for breakfast, and then gathered again in Diamond hall, a few hundred. I came to Shantivan especially to celebrate with Dadi. We always feel Dadi's presence. She was such a good example as you all know. Dadi was only eight or nine years old when she came with her mother and the two of them surrendered to Baba. No one else from the family came. It was beautiful to see how Baba recognized her part and said, “Through your eyes, God will serve.” Baba immediately knew that she was very special because she was not ordinary. Baba knew that her part was such an important part, to be a medium for God after Brahma Baba. Just imagine in 39 or 40 years, Baba speaking Murli every day. Not only different, but so deep, so meaningful. As being the chariot for God, she has accumulated a lot of power of thoughts and words. She really was very deep in silence, spoke very little, and whatever she spoke was very deep and from an angelic stage. She always inspired us to be introverted and cheerful, loving and friendly, but still remain in solitude. So she set that example in front of us that even as an ordinary person, if you pay attention, the accumulation is practical.

So, the homework that we are taking for ourselves is Baba saying to become full. Eternally, actually we were full, 100 percent or 16 degrees. Baba mentioned about 16 degrees, 100 percent, eternally all the souls are complete, full. At the Confluence age, Baba comes and again tells us to accumulate and become full. Baba gives the example that in the Golden and Silver ages there are 21 births, one in the Confluence Age. For 21 births you will remain full, and that fullness is of a different kind. They call it fruition, which means that whatever we have accumulated at the Confluence Age will be used in the Golden and Silver ages. So, we have to make efforts to remain full, so that we can enjoy that fruition. So, always be complete so that not only you, but many generations after you, for 21 births after next, everyone will remain full. So, Baba is saying that for 21 births you will remain full, and we will remain full even in the Copper Age, and then you will do a lot of charity. You know that big temples are being built. Baba talks about the Birla temple, a lot of temples have been built. You have all that prosperity in the Copper Age because what you have accumulated at the Confluence Age will continue. It is very interesting, Baba says that you might not have unlimited wealth, but you will have enough wealth for charity. The time might come that even people who have a lot of wealth might not have wealth. Baba is calling it black money, in the sense that people earn money in so many ways, but not with love and honesty. So, Baba is giving the example that even if you do not have so much wealth, you still have enough to sustain your life. It is a guarantee until the end of Kalpa, the end of this Brahmin life, that you will have enough. Confluence Age dal roti or Brahma bhojan is for all the children. So fullness will continue so you can do charity. Until the end, there might not be enough food and you will still get daal roti.

So looking at our journey in all four ages, Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron age, people might temporarily have a lot, but in the end, they might not have enough. We have accumulated and we have fruition, so ours will continue until dal and roti. Now, while eating dal and roti what we have to do is to accumulate. There is no greed, there are no desires, we are just taking care using enough to sustain the body and whatever extra we have we use it for God's service, that's accumulation, using for God's service. So, it is very interesting to see how we accumulate. As I said, either by using power as little as required, or using it all the time so that you avoid circumstances. Baba uses the word jeevan mukti, liberated life in the Golden Age. When life is liberated, there is happiness, there is joy, freedom, everything is there. So, Baba is inspiring us to have accumulation, fullness, and to be complete for 21 births.

Om Shanti


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