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All relationships with the Father #13

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_13             Mohini_Didi            March 13, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba calls us, wants us to be the emperor of the land free from sorrow. Happiness and sorrow are very connected with relationships and property. The majority of you must have noticed this. Now the relationship of soul to soul and relationship of soul and God are eternal and imperishable. So when something is imperishable, there is no question of sorrow, but when the soul is in the body, it has a life span, could be a maximum of 100 years, or maybe in the Golden Age, 150 years. Still, there is an end somewhere. We know there will be births but there is a beginning and end. Our relationship with God is definitely an eternal and imperishable relationship. So one is lokik, it is of this world, alokik is spiritual, that is soul to soul. So just think of your relationship with God as Parents, as Creator, as Father, Teacher and Sadguru, Friend. Then there are so many relationships of the body. Mother's sister is called aunty, right? Father‘s brother is called uncle, then uncle’s and uncle’s uncles. It can keep going on all the time, but spiritually, it’s very short with the whole world, we are souls, children of One Father. Baba wants that children should not experience sorrow. So Baba says that we have a relationship with One, and that it should be a spiritual relationship. In the Brahmin world, all relationships with the Father are imperishable. So how can there be any waves of sorrow? Now in terms of wealth, you have all treasures. For the elevated treasures, the wealth of knowledge with which you automatically attain all the wealth and all relationships. We are all the emperors of the land without sorrow. So one is relationships, and the other is wealth. It’s important, wealth is important. We cannot ignore it. It causes sorrow if there is poverty or it causes sorrow if there is conflict in the relationship, then division of the property. Many times when the father has left the body, the children like to divide property, share property and that also divides the family and causes a lot of sorrow. Baba wants us to be the emperors of the land without sorrow. That means we have to go beyond sorrow. Baba is saying to have all relationships with Me, and those relationships are alokik, spiritual, imperishable. Also, the wealth of knowledge is the most important wealth. So take that wealth from Baba, and always think of all the attainments from the relationship, the relationship and also the wealth. So you will feel full, right? Have all attainments.

Om Shanti

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