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A Dharna-Based Kingdom is Created Through a Clear Line #9

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_9 Mohini_Didi June 9, 2022

Om Shanti!

Lots of loving greetings on Satguruvaar, Baba's day, and special love from Baba. To sisters in California, I offer flowers. It’s springtime, so everywhere, trees and plants, everything is very full. So, this is for all of you, very nice pink and peach colored flowers. We offered it to Baba, and then on behalf of Baba, I'll offer it to all of you. Everyone is okay? Baba is talking a lot about contentment. It's important to have contentment with the self, and contentment of self is through my efforts, as much as I progress, as much I find that my stage stays elevated and stable. I like that recently Baba used three words: knowledgeable, powerful, and loveful. I always remind myself of these words. Always use knowledge because knowledge is power. Then we remain powerful. Then we are loveful. Generally, we would say first loveful, but actually, our love is based on knowledge. That's why we call it spiritual love. It's not just ordinary love. So, all these three qualities are important: knowledgeful, powerful and loveful.

You all must have heard in the beginning before Bhog, there was a commentary for Golden Aged sanskars. I really felt that I reached the Golden Age. I am in the Golden Age. It's done beautifully. So, congratulations to those who have done that commentary. Now our theme, what we practice, is being a true Vaishnav. Vaishnavs don't like being touched or anything touched. We used to have one sister, when we would go in her room, she would wash the chair, anywhere we would go and sit, she would keep washing. Dadi Janki always used to say three words. One is truth because if I am Vaishnav, I will not touch a lie, no falsehood of any kind, very natural, very authentic, and truthful. That makes our mind and intellect clear, clean, and very pure. Dadi used to call it sachai, then safai. Even our body, our rooms, anything, very clean and simple. Simplicity is also very important, sacchai, safai, and saadgi. If we have these qualities, then our dharna or inculcation will also be of high quality. In the Golden Age, there is holiness and highness. As much as you are holy, that much, you are elevated. You can't even imagine this world today. Lies, corruption, frauds, and deception are so common, but when we belong to Baba, we are getting ready for the Golden Age internally, so we don't have any falsehood. We are very clean, very truthful, and very honest.

So, this is where we are holy and high. Dharna is religion, dharma. So, in the Golden Age, the two authorities are combined; they call it Dharam satta and Raj satta,the authority of religion, authority of governance. In the Golden Age, they both are combined. Afterwards, in the Copper Age, they get divided. There are some who take care of religion, expansion of religion, sustenance of religion, then there are some who take care of the kingdom. They call it church and state here, but in the Golden Age these are combined. These are such beautiful feelings to think of, and our dharnas are so simple. Yes, there are some maryadas, certain principles, but they are very simple. In many religions, there is so much sacrifice. They have to shave their heads, they have to wear the clothes, eat the food, but here Baba said that you all have to have a normal life. The only renunciation you have is the purity, and everything is very clean. That means honesty also. So, how do I experience this kingdom now? I remember that we all used to trust Dadiji. So, when you trust someone, you want to just do what they tell you or give what we can, because we trust them. I was in Peace Village, we were doing this tree planting, and I was very enthusiastic and said. “Let's do it.” So, we planted an apple tree and a few other fruit trees. Someone said, “Oh you got the project started? We trust you because we will do whatever, our time, our body, or whatever we get from Baba's bhandara, it’s for Baba.” I don't have any money, but I know that I can be an instrument. So, let everyone use their trust and become a good helper in God's task.

So, at this moment of the Confluence Age, I have to really go beyond in the sense of not being influenced by the past, or any concerns or worry for the future. Today, I was thinking that when Baba talked about sickness, that you all should be happy because you are settling. I was telling Baba, “You think it's that easy?” Then I realized that there are two things. Either you can worry what will happen, and then that affects the body, or move towards the stage of perfection. Baba has given you time now to be perfect, be angelic, be incorporeal, be more in silence. When the body is well, we don't have time for anything because we are so busy. That's what I noticed with Sister Chandru. In two years, there was so much change in her. She was not interested in anything physical or material. She would always think about Baba and the family, and what she can do for the family. So, according to Drama, settling is happening, but while settling, you are also becoming perfect. I really pay attention that if I cannot do a lot of karma yoga, running around, I can definitely do mansa seva. I like this morning's slogan, to look at the qualities of everyone. So, you're spreading the fragrance, and creating a very joyful and happy time for everyone. We have to do this now. So, we will look into some of the contemplation of this homework, and create the experiences of heaven, create the sanskars of heaven.

Om Shanti

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